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TWA Level I

Learning to take apart and re-assembling a watch within a day – think it is impossible? Think again.

Level 1 of our watchmaking course will see you working on a mechanical watch, which is also yours to keep upon completion of the course. It will serve as a conversational piece that you literally know inside out!

Duration: 10am to 6pm (including 1 hour lunch break)

Venue: RAW / WW Suntec City (#01-470/472)

Areas covered:

  1. Using a timegrapher to determine a watch’s performance, understanding the concepts of rate, amplitude, beat xq and measurement parameters (beats per hour, lift angle, etc)
  2. Demagnetising a watch and your tools
  3. Opening up a watch
  4. Releasing the mainspring tension
  5. Dismantling the hands, dial and movement progressively
  6. Understanding how a watch works and troubleshooting issues
  7. Why each watch part is there and the function it serves
  8. Cleaning, pegging and inspection of individual components before assembly
  9. Inspecting and oiling of components during assembly
  10. Setting the dial and hands
  11. Regulating the watch using the timegrapher
  12. Q&A and class summary

Points to note:

  1. No prior experience is needed for this course
  2. Please bring along a USB drive for this course
  3. This course does not fall under SkillsFuture coverage

Vincent Goh began his watchmaking journey when he was just a high school student. Having broken one of his father’s watches one day, he vowed to repair it and did so successfully. Thereafter, Vincent worked on many of his friends’ and relatives’ watches, fixing them through a process of trial and error whilst adding on to his experience along the way.


In the 90s, Vincent found his first mentor and restored about 500 vintage watches while in the US. Following that, his work posting to China for 11 years gave him more opportunities to learn from highly experienced watchmakers and veterans. This allowed Vincent to tap on a vast wealth of advanced knowledge on watch repair that has never been documented.

Vincent Goh

Vincent Goh

Senior Watchmaking Instructor

In 2015, Vincent returned to Singapore and has been imparting his knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. To date, Vincent can count more than 130 past students and more than 1,000 restored vintage watches under his belt. We dare say we’ve yet to meet someone with greater experience and passion in watchmaking and, more importantly, passing these on than Vincent.

TWA Level I

TWA Level I

Take apart and assemble a watch you’ll bring home with you in this 6-hour course by veteran Vincent Goh.