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Who We Are

The Spirit of RAW




At Red Army Watches aka RAW, we have dedicated ourselves to sharing stories of independent watchmakers since we debuted in Singapore in 2004. We have since expanded beyond a single store here, and beyond the shores of Singapore.

However, our mission remains the same. Our aim is to offer watch lovers – both new and seasoned alike – a welcoming and fun environment to learn about, and shop for unique mechanical watches and watch accessories.

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When RAW was established back in 2004, it was out of passion for two things: good mechanical wristwatches, and retailing them in a welcoming and unexpected way.

Mechanical watches are truly intriguing to us, as they possess so much meaning and purpose beyond their traditional function of keeping time. The potential for a relevant timepiece to establish personal and emotional value with its owner is immense. The mechanical watch thus goes beyond timekeeping and becomes a keepsake that grows in personal value as time goes by.

What makes a timepiece relevant? Watches are very personal and indeed, even for a single individual, watch preferences will evolve over time. At RAW, we handpick independent watch brands with a story to tell. Their story either hasn’t been told – or simply, hasn’t been told enough. We believe in becoming the voice for these brands in Singapore and the region. Typically, these brands have relevant concepts, tasteful design, a unique proposition, an appreciation to craft and provide good value for their price.

How do we find these brands? We constantly scour the world for special brands, especially those with non-mainstream propositions. We research these brands’ collections and from there, curate and present suitable models in a manner befitting the philosophy and standings of these brands. This is the foundation of our unique retail philosophy. After more than a decade in the business, we are also fortunate to have independent brands approaching us with their stories to tell. It is with this two-pronged approach that we constantly update the portfolio of watch and watch accessory brands that we present to you.

As retailer, we strive to add value to our portfolio of brands in several ways. Design is one of them. An in-house creative team ensures that our store design, visual merchandising, and marketing campaigns are on par aesthetically with the collections we carry.

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Equally important is a reliable level of quality service. Step into one of our stores, and immediately one of the informed and personable members of #TeamRAW is on hand to genuinely assist you in selecting the right timepiece based on your budget, needs and desires. And finally, consistent with our objective of maintaining trust and relationship, we take it upon ourselves to provide post-purchase services, for all our timepieces, in-house at our dedicated service centres.

We take pride in what we do, which is to share our acquired knowledge and passion of timepieces to a broad range of customers, in a fun and welcoming environment. We, at RAW, believe this genuine passion sets us apart. We are committed to share this with our customers and partners alike by continuing to represent independent watch brands in their pursuit to bring their stories to the wider audience, and to nurture and care for the brands we represent as we grow.

Is the name Red Army Watches still relevant? Absolutely. The ethos of the Red Army, founded in 1918, is revolutionary in nature; so too is RAW. We have evolved yet stayed revolutionary in our retail concept, brand mix, and sales approach.

Revolutionary. Non-conformist. For the masses. This is the spirit of RAW.

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